Prepare for Kick-off

Subject Line: CRN Title of Course Preparing for Kick-off


Dear Name of Course Author,


Your kick-off meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 15th, 2014 at 2:00 pm in Ruttan Hall Suite 20 on the St. Paul campus. Ask at the reception desk for Room 20-36.


We are excited to begin working with you to develop CRN Title of course for  fully online / blended delivery. You will be working with a design team to create an engaging online course for Name of Program.


To prepare for the kick-off meeting, please review the following resources and come prepared with questions when we meet.


Online Course Development Milestones
This document outlines our course development process. The design process is split into 3 Milestones, each with their own associated design tasks. Milestone due dates will be discussed during the kick-off meeting.

Online Course Development
This companion site provides resources for you as you progress through the individual design tasks that are outlined in the Milestone document. You can use them to prepare for meetings or as reference or guidance when working independently.


Design Showcase
This site provides examples of how others have built courses with rich communication, collaboration, media, and assessments, all using the tools that will be available to you.


Your CRN Title Moodle site (link) has already been prepared for development. Please  take a tour and explore the environment. You will use your university username and password when accessing the site.


Your course site comes preloaded with the following Google templates that have been shared with you for collaborative editing. You may have to click on “Sign In” on the upper right-hand side of the Google documents to authenticate in order to edit them.



Meet Your Instructor

Module Overview

Study Notes

Design Meeting Minutes

Teaching Guide


Attached, please find a map of the St. Paul Campus. If you arrive by car, please feel free to park in the convenient Gortner parking ramp and we will provide you with a parking voucher before you leave.


We are prepared and excited to develop CRN Title of course with you.