Instructor Responsibilities

Explore the distribution of responsibilities to maintain and prepare your Moodle / Canvas site from one semester to another. 


Instructor, please 

  • verify that all course materials are accurate and ready for the semester: Digital Coursepack, YouTube Channel
  • identify new resources for the upcoming semester in your Teaching Guide and request OES Course Assistance to implement these changes. Deadline: 9 weeks before the start of term
  • communicate need for Assignment updates to OES. Deadline: 6 weeks before start of term
  • review your syllabus: course schedule, grades, etc.
  • update any necessary Instructor information for the coming semester using the Instructor Info form
    • that you are available for virtual office hours by appointment using Google Hangout
    • your preferred method of communication: the Dialogue with Your Instructor tool is preferred as it archives all student - instructor communication in one spot for easy access
  • update your Canvas and Google+ Profiles to increase instructor social presence
  • verify that old responses from any Flipgrid are hidden or deleted and be the first to record a new message or prompt
  • verify that VoiceThread activities are working for this term
  • verify that any Google TEMPLATES used for collaborative assignments with your students are clear of entries from the previous semester
  • prepare a welcome message to your students via Canvas Announcements prior to the first day of class
  • add a self-introduction to your Flipgrid or Introduction Forum
  • record Your Course Tour Video
  • prepare to Record Video Announcements/Module Overviews for your students


OES will

  • ensure your Canvas sites has been automatically created
  • inform you, instructor, of your new Canvas site
  • implement new program-wide design features
  • adjust Module dates to match academic calendar
  • adjust Assignment and Quiz due dates and activity listings that appear in the Calendar tool
  • update Syllabus, Overviews, and Assignments Summary to latest template
  • update course media: Flipgrid, VoiceThread, Virtual Office Hours, Tiki-Toki, YouTube, Digital Story assignments, YouTube Live events, and Google+ Community
  • send out Course Open Letter to instructor
  • open course site for online and blended courses; F2F courses are opened by the instructor