UMN Licensed Resources

Take advantage of the vast array of digital resources in the university's library repositories and of the instructor support provided by a subject librarian as you work with the OES Team:

checkbox  explore electronic eReserves, articles, books and other digital content for your course

checkbox  get started finding media assets (image, video, podcasts, music) for your course

checkbox  review Fair Use Guidelines and begin a copyright clearance request for any copyright protected materials

checkbox  complete your Learning Resources document so your personal librarian can create a custom Digital Coursepack

Before deciding on a textbook or developing custom content for your course, contact your library liaison to explore the resources available for your course. To help your reference librarian identify relevant resources, send him/her your syllabus or course outline.

Kristen Mastel (CCAPS Outreach and Instruction Librarian)

Shanda Hunt (Public Health Liaison + Data Curation Specialist)

Scott Spicer (Media Outreach and Learning Spaces Librarian)


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