1.2 Write Course-Level Outcomes

Course outcomes are "umbrella" statements about what your students will learn in your course.

checkbox  Use Bloom's Revised Taxonomy action verbs and call upon your Instructional Designer to help you articulate your course-level learning outcomes.

For example:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • research and evaluate existing new products, their parent companies, and current trends in New Product Development (NPD);
  • create an original product concept and apply the five stages of the NPD process from conceptualization to launch;
  • identify terms, processes, and foundational areas involved in NPD;
  • discuss and critique the processes and foundational areas involved in NPD; and
  • reflect on and assess individual and group strengths/weaknesses and how they affect the NPD process.

checkbox  View the following presentations for further guidance on articulating measurable outcomes:

video Aligning Learning Outcomes, Assignments and Resources with Core Concepts

video Learning Outcomes in Context


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