3.4 Record a Welcome to the Course Video

Record a Welcome to the Course video for your students.

The purpose of this video is to establish instructor presence by giving a brief hello and welcome to your students. Keep the video short, under 2 minutes if you can. Briefly introduce yourself and speak to what the course is about (in a nutshell). Then, direct your students to the Essential Information links on the Home page, invite them to begin Module 1, and remind them they can find your contact information in the Instructor Info. page if they have any questions.  

Example Script:

Hello, students! Welcome to [Name of Course]. I'm [Name] and I'll be your instructor this semester.  This course is about […]

To get started, please review all the Essential Information links on the course Home page. Then go ahead and begin Module 1.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. You'll find my contact information on the Instructor Info page.  I look forward to having you in class!

checkbox  Record your Welcome to the Course video on your own using your phone or tablet (refer to the Record Videos Using the YouTube App guide for help).

If you need help learning how to record with your phone or tablet, please email the Media Team and we'll schedule a training session: 

Greg: stein995@umn.edu

Jill: zimme391@umn.edu