Teaching Tips & Tutorials

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Teaching Tip: Maximize the Introduce Yourself Activity in Your Course

The Introduce Yourself activity is one of the first things students are asked to do in an OES-designed course. Get the most out of this activity with tips in this video. Additionally, we've compiled some fun introduction prompt ideas here: Faculty: Introduction Prompts.

Teaching Tip: The Power of Rubrics in Canvas

If you're not already using rubrics with your assignments, you should consider doing so. This video gives a few reasons why, and demonstrates the slick workflow of grading with Canvas rubrics in Speedgrader.

Tutorial: Granting a Due Date Extension in Canvas

This video explains how to grant a quiz or assignment due date extension in Canvas.

Tutorial: Self Sign-up Groups in Canvas

If your course has self sign-up groups in Canvas, check out this video for some important tips, including how to turn off self sign-up after groups have been selected, so that students don't switch groups after submissions and grades have been posted!

Tutorial: Adding Students to Groups in Canvas

If you have group work in your Canvas course, be sure that all students--including those who join the course late--are added to groups.  This video will show you how.

Tutorial: Record Audio or Video Feedback Using the Canvas Teacher App

Have you ever wished to provide your students video or audio feedback on their assignments without the technology hassle? Well, now you can using the Canvas Teacher app on your iPhone or Android phone.  This video shows you how.

Tutorial: Canvas Quizzes - Adding Attempts

There may be circumstances in which you determine that a student deserves another attempt at a quiz. This video walks through the process of granting an additional quiz attempt in Canvas.

Tutorial: Canvas Quizzes - Time Limit Extension

There may be cases when you need to allow a student extra time on quizzes or exams.

Granting a time limit extension on a quiz in Canvas is easy to do.  This video walks through the process.


Tutorial: Canvas Speedgrader

One feature of Canvas that's generated a lot of positive feedback from instructors is SpeedGrader.

It's a tool to efficiently grade and provide feedback on assignments, quizzes, and discussions without leaving Canvas.

Some of our favorite uses:


If you're used to downloading student papers, marking them up in Word or another program, then re-uploading, save time by using the annotation tools in SpeedGrader to provide feedback instead.  Add comments, highlight and strikeout text, or draw directly on student submissions all within Canvas.*