Course Edits During the Semester

Keep course consistency by not editing the following documents as the information they contain is referenced throughout your course.

  • Syllabus
  • Module Overviews
  • Assignments Summary
  • Assignment Instructions in the Moodle Assignment Tool
  • Learning Resources Document
  • Forum Prompts (if pre-designed for your course)
  • Gradebook setup

Edit the following documents; changes here will not affect course consistency.

  • Study Notes
  • Videos to your Course YouTube Playlists (Adding a YouTube Video to your Playlist)
  • Discussion Threads (this is the place where you can introduce new articles and current events to students that are relevant to the weekly topic)
  • Announcements - please use for large group announcements only!
  • Course Q&A Forum
  • Teaching Guide - not visible to students. The Teaching Guide helps online instructors track actions taking while teaching: announcements, reminders, new materials introduced via discussion threads, etc. This document is located on the bottom of Modules page in a section called Instructor Resources.