Teaching with Canvas


Canvas is the University's new learning management system that provides you a course template in which to discplay your curriculum and interact with learners online. Your Canvas course site is a combination of Canvas functionality, Design Tools, Google Apps, and other integrated tools.

To prepare your Canvas site for teaching, please follow the Welcome to Canvas Guide and schedule a Canvas training session with oesteam@umn.edu.

UMN Self-Help Guides

Canvas Instructor Guides 

Design Tools

Design tools provides the style sheet (structure and style) of your Canvas pages. To learn more about using design tools, view New Design Tools for Canvas Video Tutorials

Google Applications

Google applications provide many of the collaborative and social affordances that are so essential to online learning. While these apps offer important functionality, they also require careful use.

  • Google Docs, for example, are always LIVE; which means that an alteration mid-semester will cause a discrepancy between printed materials, the course site, and the live document. We therefor discourage you from editing any course Google documents WHILE teaching as students may have printed their course materials.

If you do make changes to your course site mid semester, please follow the Top 3 Canvas Design Guidelines we used to design your course.