Tutorial: Canvas Speedgrader

One feature of Canvas that's generated a lot of positive feedback from instructors is SpeedGrader.

It's a tool to efficiently grade and provide feedback on assignments, quizzes, and discussions without leaving Canvas.

Some of our favorite uses:


If you're used to downloading student papers, marking them up in Word or another program, then re-uploading, save time by using the annotation tools in SpeedGrader to provide feedback instead.  Add comments, highlight and strikeout text, or draw directly on student submissions all within Canvas.*


If discussions in your course require students to make an initial post and then additional replies to others, use SpeedGrader to easily view all the posts a student has made in a discussion.


For assignments with rubrics, use SpeedGrader to compile a grade by simply clicking the appropriate score for each criteria listed on the rubric.


View each student's response to each question, and easily adjust the points awarded on any question.


To see the tool in action, check out this SpeedGrader Overview video.


*For a deeper dive on the annotation tools mentioned, see the Canvas guide: How do I add annotated comments in student submissions using DocViewer in SpeedGrader?


Are you already using SpeedGrader? Have any other tips or tricks to share?  Let us know!